Md Shariful Hasan Khan and I have been virtual team members on a very important, complex project and I can honestly say it's been a real pleasure to watch the magic he performs with the presentation, once I've supplied the voice over. Anyone would be very fortunate to work with him and watch their project come to life. He's a truly talented and dedicated team player!

David Gavin

Owner/Voice Over Talent at "David Gavin Voice Over"

As CEO of a media content development and promotional corporation, specializing in creating original proprietary, collaborative and client-based media of diverse kinds, including a two-hour a week radio show, I have a need for someone who can seamlessly move between web design, multi-media advertising including promotional videos, sales letters, musical properties- including editing both video, graphic and audio elements and many other components of media. HASAN KHAN is the one person who I have found who is up to the task- with a profound commitment to his work and to his clients. He has the energy, enthusiasm and dedication I need to assist a media company that helps create, facilitate and promote novels, screenplays, non-fiction books, songs and musical scores, web content, press releases, articles that needs aesthetic and impactful video, graphic and audio on a continuous. Needless to say, I recommend him highly.

Johnny Blue Star

CEO, New Galaxy Enterprise

"I had some good Experiences with the team of OpaqueLand and Hasan Khan. i have started my media career as actor working with them and working with them on their post production studio. Their passion and creativity is upto the level. i would be happy to contact them when i need them. Good Luck guys!!"

Jibon Roy

Actor & Model, Bangladesh Media

"From the very beginning of Opaquelnad Multimedia Solution I was acquainted with the mastermind CEO of Opaqueland, Shariful Hasan Khan. I am really very privileged, happy and pleased for being a client of Opaqeland Multimedia Solution. It is Opaueland which makes us (BANG! Sparking Dancers of BAU) a nationwide famous dancing group by providing fabulous cinematography, video editing and mastering.  Client Satisfaction lies in the core of heart of Opaqueland Multimedia Solution. Friendly and cordial behavior of every member of this company really enchanted me. Every member, especially Shariful Hasan Khan is well equipped with excellent graphic designing, cinematography and video editing skills. Undoubtedly, Opaqueland provided me and others internationally standard service and that’s why it’s finished work always give me immense pleasure. In one sentence I would like to say, Opaqueland is very much efficient to make a ordinary work a unique one through its creative and innovative solution."

Tanmoy Kumar Ghose

Founder Member, BANG - Sparking Dancers of BAU

"If you are looking to create a website or maybe just want to update your existing one, Opaque Land Multimedia Solution is the company you need to contact. Shariful Hasan Khan is extremely insightful and his creative talents are exceptional! I am truly amazed at what he has created for my website. Thank you, Hasan."

Cathy Scarms

Founder, Design of Sat Purush

"Shariful Hasan is very inquisitive about modern technology and always ready to learn things which he really prefer. He is very smart and efficient in technology work."

Nawshad Rehan Rasha

Software Engineer, SQA at Therap Services, LLC

I worked with Hasan on different projects mostly on audio and video editing. He also helped me designing and completing my website with WordPress CMS. i guess people like hasan should get more recognition than what i am writing in a few words. I strongly feel that anyone should stay relax after giving him the tasks within his skill sets.

Abu Naser

CEO at Adobehero.com

Shariful Hasan Khan has done some great video work for me! Very fast turn around and will make sure the job is done to your liking. :)

Holly Hierman

CEO of Fit Finances

"Hasan, is a very capable,hard worker and very cooperative person always willing to work with you to help you attain your goals. We were doing some very complicated video production where he played a vital role. May be without his help it would be impossible for us to attain that goal. I would not hesitate to call on him again and again."

David Kirsch

CEO, Clear-Trade

"Great provider.. Very good communication, hard worker.. Pleased with work. Again, if you're reading this and looking to hire - as with any job on Odesk... make sure you are clear with what you want.. Then good people like Hasan will deliver what you ask for. I've been very impressed while working with him. Not only was he phenomenal during the project - months later when we had questions, he quickly responded to help us. Stand up guy and someone I will recommend to others and hire again."

Daryl Urbanski

CEO, Best Business Coach

MD. SHARIFUL HASAN KHAN was very easy to work with. He is extremely willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done to the client's satisfaction.. When asked, he will also give added advice whenever he feels it necessary. He is kind and gentle and very patient. I will be working with him again.

Carolyn Bassett

CEO, Bermuda's Finest

"Good job! he is very patient. An honest and hard worker.. I have given him 2 projects and he completes them quickly.. very reliable"

Blair H

Manager, Good Food Limited

"Shariful did some jobs for me on video edting and animation.he is also good at photo editing.he has been one of my best contractor since i met him. he is very professional and time bound worker for which i call him WIZARD. he is also expert in PC troubleshooting. i got some help from him. i wish he will be a good contractor and Artist in his way of life. i wish him all the best."

Rudolf Briksza

CEO at KLO media

Hasan Khan, a brilliant boy who works in freelancing from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh. I know this guy very much from the beginning of his work. He is very much attentive & sincere to his work & try to do his best to the work. Wish him a great & joyous life....

Md Ashraful Alam

CEO at Agri Edu World

Shariful did a fantastic job on the video I hired him to do. He was fast, professional, and returned communication instantly. When does this guy sleep?! Great job!!

Shawn Harris

Opie Productions

"Has been using Shariful for past few video editing projects. He is professional and adhere to deadline. Love working with him. Keep it up, my friend."

Eng Peh

CEO, Lion Multimedia Limited, Singapore

"Excellent PDF skills. He completed my project ahead of schedule and exceeded my expectations."


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