Shariful Hasan Khan

CEO & Founder

OpaqueLand Multimedia Solution


Md. Shariful Hasan Khan is an highly skilled media and communications specialist with more than 6 years of experience in the field of Post production of multimedia, Photography/Photo editing, Web/Graphic design, and Audio mastering. What distinguishes him from others in his field of expertise is that he treats multimedia not as entertainment but also the important part of visual beauty. It's simple to explain why: if it isn't funny or relevant enough, people switch the contractor. Hasan has a special interest in personal branding and he believes the road to success is trying. Thats why during the mid 2014 he started a brand titled as OpaqueLand Multimedia Solution. Before that he met some Geniuses like Sisir Mahanta and Hasan Al Banna who are expert on photography and videography, his Nephew Mahmud Rafi who has Expertise in Web designing. He has good some marketplace’s account at Upwork, elance, and PeoplePerHour with outstanding feedback score and testimonials. He holds a bachelor's degree in Agriculture and Masters Degree in Soil Science from bangladesh agricultural University. Contact him through following contact social profiles.

Hasan Al Banna

Director & Co-Founder

OpaqueLand Multimedia Solution .


Hasan Al Banna is the Co-Founder and Manager at OpaqueLand Multimedia Solution. He was offered to Join by the CEO after showing some of his excellent photography and Videography works. He is doing Graduation in Agriculture Faculty at Bangladesh Agricultural University. He is in charge of directing and Managing work at different events like Wedding, Event, Corporate Photography. He is also Manager at "BANG - The Streat Dancers of BAU"

Shayful Islam

Senior Photographer

OpaqueLand Multimedia Solution .


Shayful Islam finished his graduation from Titumir College, National University under the department of Business studies. He has been working with OpaqueLand as a Senior Photographer from mid-2016. As his moto is “Quality and output always matters”, he started his Photography Career under the supervision of Shariful Hasan Khan, CEO of OpaqueLand. His dedication and time management control made him workaholic person. He is also a fashion designer. His Garments brand AESTHETIC FASHION is running smooth where he is working as Managing Director. Mr. Shayful has the capacity to run his Business and Photography in a way where his creative eyes can shine into the realm of Creative world. Besides, his Photo editing and Video Editing work is nowadays getting better and better. OpaqueLand is lucky to have Mr. Shayful as Senior Photographer and Cinematographer."

Mahmud Rafi

Web/Graphic Designer

OpaqueLand Multimedia Solution .


Mahmud Rafi is working as Web Designer at OpaqueLand Multimedia Solution. He is doing Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Comilla Polytechnic Institute but right now doing internship at RahimAfrooz. After Joining at OpaqueLand his skills started polishing. His extracurricular activities includes blood donation, Social Networking, Media Advertising and Art. He has been working as a Graphic Designer at Prothemers where he has been playing a vital role as team player.